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Alabama craps out again in battle over legalized gambling.

By Christopher Peeks March 03, 2024

Every spring Alabama's citizens burst with enthusiasm over the opportunity to vote on gambling . Each year like a boot stomping a a blossoming flower our do nothing legislature crushes those hopes by not allowing the people the right to choose. They crack under pressure like a piece of cheap furniture.

Alabama missed the boat on this issue years ago. I would hate to see how college educations we have funded for the citizens of Georgia playing their education lottery. Drive across the state line and count the Alabama license plates that is helping to improve the lives Georgia population.

I'm just disgusted to think about how much money we have lost over the years not only to georgia, Florida as well as Tennessee from playing their lottery. But let's not forget about the loads of buses to go to Mississippi every single day. Their government is cashing in on our citizens dollars and are laughing all the way to the bank.

It would appear that the gambling deal does not have the votes to pass the Senate. I command the people like Senator Albritton for trying to push it through but he is a man the principal and has backbone unlike some of his colleagues. These cowards are afraid of the political repercussions if they vote for this bill.

They are afraid of the churches and groups like the Eagle Forum. Well who cares what the Eagle Forum thinks. Their endorsement and a $5 bill will buy me a Sunday paper with all the coupons. As far as the church goes one have to ask themselves why are they so hellbent against it?

They cannot say the reason gambling is a sin because no where in the bible is this written. Jesus Christ never said anything about partaking in games of chance but he did say to care for the poor. Now because of these religious Zealot's are rural hospitals may close. Oh well I guess they take solace in the fact they may have caused them to die because they could not go to a hospitals they at least prevented them sinning by not allowing them access to gamble.

How dare these people with they're holier than thou attitude. Have they not read the verse judge not lest you be not judged? Or who is without saying let him cast the first stone?

I am sure next year the bill will come up again and like always will fail to pass. The senators will be happy because this means they will win reelection again. The religious right will be happy because this means they will have won over the evils of gambling again and like always the losers will be the people of Alabama.

Christopher Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor


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I'm disappointed Chris! I'm a Christian and I assure you I am not Holier than my Savior Jesus Christ. It's only by the blood He shed on the cross for each of us that anyone can be saved. Also we know the harm gambling causes families. I have a friend that nearly lost her home because she didn't know her husband was a gambling addict. He can't stop so it ended their marriage. Thank God, their children are grown. But I know the pain of divorce even as an adult of your parents divorce. So this is not something I would want for anyone else. Gambling earnings are not worth ruining families. I'm not judging anyone that likes to gamble,…

Chris Peeks
Chris Peeks
Mar 10
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You are welcome to post your opinions on my articles anytime you want even though you disagree with me I will never censor you and I appreciate your commentary thank you for being a member

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