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If Oden and Beeker get away with this, what is she doing?

By Chris Peeks June 07, 2023

I hate to beat a dead horse. Wait, what am I talking about? I don't mind at all. I love reminding the voters of what this Den of Thieves is doing at the PSC. I may not be Jesus Christ, but I will overturn this money table. The only way I will end this fight is when they carry me out in a pine box.

How Jeremy Oden and Chip Beeker are not in federal prison or at least under investigation is beyond me. In 2022 "Totin" committed numerous felonies using state equipment for political gain. Oden claims to be a preacher, but this false prophet circulated a fake email he created to show an opponent violated campaign finance laws. I'm sure he prayed on it.

Chip Beeker is on another level. He does not even attempt to hide his dishonesty. Chip, otherwise known as the Joe Biden of the PSC, tried to lease his land to Alabama Power. In an astonishing move last year, he received $100,000 from the PPP, then the following week, he donated his campaign $100,000. The man stole Federal money to put in his election coffers. Now one has to wonder how many employees it would take to get that much money.

Well, Chip's daughter-in-law Elizabeth owns an employment staffing company in Tuscaloosa. Does anyone care to bet that these are not linked? Or is this merely a coincidence? Put two and two together. Now the rumor is he is planning to resign and trying to arrange to have his son Chris appointed to take his place. We have removed Governors from office and sent them to prison for less than what these two have done.

Which brings me to this. If these two are committing such blatant violations, what is Commissioner Cavanaugh getting away with? She brags that she created an ethics model, but Oden and Beeker do not adhere to it. Does she? Corruption, fraud, deceit, lies. Connect the dots.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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