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Brent Woodall candidate for Alabama State Auditor

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

By Chris Peeks January 14, 2022

Meet Brent Woodall. Brent is an attorney from up around the Muscle Shoals area. He did a taped in-person interview with me last month.

Brent is a smooth-talking salesman, along with being an attorney, reminded me of Matlock. I don't mean that negatively. On the contrary, I think his salesmanship is a huge advantage he has over his opponents. The key to getting anything done is being able to sell yourself first. That's the hard part. If he can sell himself, he can sell his ideas to the legislature.

Brent explained the State Auditors' job and their role in state government. He told of their importance and wanted to better their position in state affairs. He offers a no-nonsense approach. He explained the state auditors' position like talking to you instead of at you.

Brent reminds me of office-seekers from an era of times gone by. A very colorful man with a folksy mannerism talking with him reminded me of talking to some of the local men down at a Jacks near you. He is a "good ole boy." Good luck, Brent. To see our full interview click on the link at the bottom. This article is a series of the four candidates seeking to be the next Alabama State Auditor.

By Chris Peeks

Reporter and columnist for Alabama Political Contributor

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