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Brent Woodall let's qualifying deadline pass.

By Chris Peeks November 12, 2023

Like a kid anxiously awaiting for Santa's to come, I patiently waiting for the text notification sound on my phone to go ding.. Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours. yet I continued to wait  for that text, but the text never came. As four p m. turned into five, I realized I was not getting my wish. Brent Woodall had let the moment pass by and did not qualify to run against Twinkle Cavanaugh.

I talked to him a short time later, and he told me, "This year, a few people asked me about the possibility of running for the open seat at the Public Service Commission.  I have told them that I am really enjoying being the Chief Assistant District Attorney in Colbert County and don't want to leave that position at this time.  I'm not ruling out running for a seat on the PSC in the future, however, so stay tuned!"

Though I may be disheartened, I know one  person who is breathing a sigh of relief. The last thing twinkle Cavanaugh  wanted to do was go into primary, facing a determined Brent Woodall firing up the base still seething with anger about four rate increases in 2022 after Chip Beeker and Jeremy Oden secured re-election.

It's a shame Brent lost in 2022, but he wouldn't go as low as that slime ball Jeremy Oden. He used government property for political gain and a state computer to forge a fake document of Brent committing campaign finance violations. He should be in prison.

Im glad to hear Brent's job is bringing him joy, but he said, stay tuned. So that gives me hope, and that should give Oden dread because I'll be coming at him every single day the next two years. And I won't rest until this entire state knows what a false prophet the right, reverend really is. Buckle up, Jeremy. Game on.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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