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DeJA Vu All Over Again

By Christopher Peeks March 14, 2024

Like an exhausted swimmer fighting to keep their head above water team Biden is in full panic mode. His campaign couldn't have asked for a more picture perfect opportunity to reset the race for the beligured president. With a good economy and no involvement in foreign conflicts, two things that always favor an incumbent, the stage was set for the President to show the nation he provided strong leadership and had the country headed in the right direction. Deserving of reelection.

I must say I have to hand it to the President. He knocked it out of the park. He gave the gave the speech of his life. Biden looked better than he has in years. Gone was the feeble old man that seemed mentally unfit to drive a car much less be President. In his place stood a fired up vigorous man. He seemed twenty years younger. Filled with eager. Chomping at the bit to finish job he started. Coupled with the disastrous Republican response given by Katie Britt the Democrats could not have asked for a better night. They had to bursting at the seems with joy.

Then the polls results came in and the air went out of the balloon. Despite the best moment of the Biden presidency he did not move the needle an inch. He got zero bounce out of his State of the Union address. Wether you like it or not this spells the beginning of the end for the Biden presidency barring some unforseen twist of fate Trump is going to win in a landslide.

Don't take my word for it. Anyone who studies the polls like I do can see the hand writing on the wall. For starter's Trump has a two point lead nationally. That in itself speaks volumes. But when you look at the individual states that's when it gets even more grim for the Biden campaign.

Right now Biden is trailing in seven states he won in 2020.. If you think that news is bad what I'm about to tell you is even worse. States that he won by double digits in last election shows his leads have been cut in half. The polls have narrowed so much that solid blue states like Oregon and Washington are almost in play for Trump. If Biden has to spend time and resources playing defense in Democratic states it's over. Game, set, match.

To make matters worse with each passing day Trump's lead continues to widen. The way this map is shaping up Trump could break 400 plus electoral votes. Now I know some of you are pulling your hair out. Yelling I'm wrong. Getting worked up with anger at me

. But hey don't shoot the messenger. These are not my numbers. Like it or not this is what the data shows. Brace yourself folks. A second Trump presidency is on its way and remember you heard it hear first.

Christopher Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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