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Is this really who we want?

Updated: Aug 4

By Chris Peeks July 30, 2023

Does Will Ainsworth know what elected office he holds? I don't think he does. Maybe someone should inform him. Lieutenant Governor Ainsworth, at least for the time being, you are not the governor, so stop trying to use your position to gain favor for your political buddies

Since this spoiled rotten daddy's boy came into the office, he has tried to undermine the governor on many of her decisions. Not sure if that's too bright trying to outdo a governor with 62% approval ratings and is currently ranked the 10th most popular governor in the United States.

 I'm not here to debate one way or another the Governor's job performance. I'm just merely pointing out it's not wise to go against someone so popular.But then again no one ever accused Will Ainsworth of being the sharpest crayon in the carton.

But he's at it again. He wants to take money away from the  West Alabama  Corridor and use that money to widen I-65. He is bucking the governor to gain favor with political constituents in his quest to sew up the governorship in the next election.

Ainsworth reminds me of the kid in school that wrote your name on the board when the teacher left the room. We cannot take a chance on this man becoming governor. He's already giving us a foreshadowing of what in Ainsworth Administration would look like. The rich would get richer, and the poor would get poor as his political friends feasted at the trough. We can't afford that. Not this man, not this time, not ever. We do not need Will Ainsworth as governor.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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