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GOP congressional candidate Andy Blaylock

By Chris Peeks February 21, 2022

Andy Blaylock is running for the House of Representatives in Alabama's 5th District. He is different than a lot of candidates. I bet there's not another person running for Congress like him. What makes him distinct? He's a horse trainer!

All joking aside, Andy is unique. Brimming with enthusiasm, Mr. Blaylock's self-confidence sets him apart from the rest. He is not shy. Andy believes in himself, and he sells that very well. That is a vital attribute.

Andy is a newcomer to the political scene. He lets it be known he is a conservative. Mr. Blaylock, an educator, as well as businessman, wants to end mask mandates and get rid of critical race theory. He, like a lot of us, wants things to get back to normal.

Andy seems to enjoy campaigning. When a candidate enjoys being on the stump, the voters pick up on that. According to some polls, this race is wide open. If Mr. Blalock can get in front of enough people, they will pick up on his excitement. In a seven-person race, he will be in the hunt. Right now, he needs to focus on getting in the runoff and worry about winning that later. Survive and advance.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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