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House District 40 Meet Julie Borrelli

By Chris Peeks January 8, 2022

Meet Julie Borrelli. She retired from the Marine Corps after serving fifteen years. First, as enlisted, she then went to Officer Candidate School and got commissioned. Julie now works as an attorney for the city of Anniston. Married, with kids, all teenage boys, she is a woman who "can by God get things done."

Julie is one tough lady. She should be. Not many people join the Marine Corps, much less retire from them. As we chatted, I could see the "devil dog" style instilled in her. I asked her some tough questions, from the legalization of marijuana to women in politics. She had command of the subjects. Julie gave both the pros and cons on the former, as well as societal views on the latter. She displayed toughness in the way she answered those. These are just a few of the topics we discussed.

Julie, a strong candidate, has an appeal that will connect well with voters from all demographics. Except one. I will address why in the following article. To quote her when asked why she is seeking this house seat? She replied, "who better to do it? I'm smart, driven, ambitious, tenacious." To see the full interview check the link below. Next up, Jakob Williamson.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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