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How to swing an election?

By Chris Peeks August 31, 2023

Our forefathers would be appalled. When we look back at the 2022 primary, the voter turnout numbered a paltry 23% of the vote. Now, let's be generous to the Democrats and say they numbered 8% of the vote. That means in the GOP primary that held all the action, barely 9% of the voters decided the outcome.

So roughly 2% of the voters decided if Governor Ivey would be held under 50%, forcing her into a runoff. Hmm, that leads to a tricky question. How do you get more people involved in the electorate? Furthermore, how would this affect elections? Which brought me to an exciting concept.

In an election with energetic voters, you will get a certain percentage regardless. So, is there a way to find out how to target voters who did not vote in the last election? Do voter registration rolls show this?

If so, candidates should focus on getting out voters who did not participate in the last cycle. If you could sway 2% of them to come out for your candidate, you could change any race on the ballot, and we could subtract this from the long list of things for the founders to be angry at us about.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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