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My interview with Austin Vigue

By Chris Peeks June 30, 2023

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Austin Vigue, who is running for the second congressional district in Alabama. To say I was pretty impressed is an understatement. He presented himself with a confident air of a man who had command of the issues and knew what he wanted to get done.

Now he will have an uphill climb. He will be running against a well-funded candidate with name recognition, but this did not bother him. And I admire a man who's not afraid of a challenge. We need more people like that in politics. We covered a variety of issues. And I will let you see what he says in our interview.

He is not one of these new-style Democrats. Not at all. He reminds you of the old-school Southern Democrat that spoke of a populist message about good jobs, roads, and schools. What was unique was not just throwing out the same old tires cliches. He articulated how these bills would help the citizens of his district. This guy is not some far-left liberal out of touch with Alabama values. He speaks straight to average Alabama.

Barry Moore is just a wealthy elitist. The first contact I had with him was in Elmore County, and he walked right past me without even acknowledging me. That told me all I needed to know about him. He is not worthy of anybody's vote. When you get ready to cash your ballot next November, ask yourself who earned your vote and who took it for granted. I think your answer will be clear.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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