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Is Chris Horn dropping out of the 7th Congressional District race?

Updated: Jan 27

By Chris Peeks January 27, 2024

Like shrapnel flying around a hot landing zone on the field of battle rumors continue to circulate that Chris Horn will withdraw from the 7th Congressional GOP race. Paving the way for Robin Liteaker to secure the Republican nomination in her quest to take down democratic Incumbent Terry Sewell.

If he does drop out one has to ponder? Why did he get in the face to begin with? He lives two and a half hours away from the district. What could make him a good candidate to those voters ? After his remarks last Saturday at a GOP meeting in Gardendale one could easily be led to one conclusion.

He got into the race believing a black Republican candidate could better square off against Sewell. That he could go into the barbershops fitting in amongst the masses easier than his opponent retired educator Dr Robin Liteaker. And perhaps there is some truth to that but doesn't Dr Liteaker equally posses a strong image that can go to the grandmother raising her grandchildren and offer hope that providing a quality education will lead to a brighter tomorrow for those kids and help them break out of poverty?

Horn left the crowd stunned at his remarks. He said he had "talked to Wes Allen and it was impossible for a black Republican to get elected in the District. Well should it be even harder for a white republican to win? Or did he imply that it was impossible for a black Republican to win the GOP nomination as he touched his hand to his cheek refrencing skin color in another remark?

Chris, buddy, I hate to break this to you but the reason your campaign is floundering is not because of your skin. It's because you live three hours away from your constituents.

Which brings me to another theory. Remember when I initially asked why he was running? Perhaps it had something to do with another color. And that being the color of green. Maybe the only reason he entered the contest is to get his talk show nationally syndicated. Remember that the scripture says the love of money is the root of all evil.

So is Horn in our out? I can't say. If he is in it then he should be in to win it. Instead of crying about not having a chance. If not then bow out and allow Dr Liteaker to focus on the fall campaign. Its selfish on his behalf. It's not fair to the party. It's not fair to Dr Liteaker and it's not fair to voters.

I reached out to Chris Horn asking for comments on several occasions regarding what happened last Saturday. As of today I'm still waiting for a response to those requests

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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He should drop out. He has that attitude he will not be our best interest. I've heard Robin Litaker and her heart for our district. Her heart for education for children and the poor in our district. So I'll be praying for Robin Litaker as our next Representative in DC. And the Alabama Republican party to get behind the better person for our district. I've written off the national Republican party. Ronna meeting with China is a absolute tryannic move.

Chris Peeks
Chris Peeks
Jan 28
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