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Is no one exempt?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

By Chris Peeks February 19, 2022

It seems every night when I'm researching one topic; another treasure trove falls in my lap. I'm at a loss at how all of this went ignored. At every turn, these three on the PSC waste no opportunity to stick it to the people of Alabama. No matter how big or, in this case, small, Twinkle, Chip, and Jeremy will be there. This time it is solar power.

While scrolling the web earlier, this article jumped out at me. To paraphrase, "PSC raises the sun tax." In September 2020, the PSC went after people who used solar panels for electricity. By hiking the rates of the 29,000 solar power users, the commission slashed the yearly savings in half of the people who opted for this type of energy.

Now to add insult to injury. This vote came about because the Southern Environmental Law Center asked the commission to end the monthly fee. Not only did they not end this fee, but they also increased it!

People who used solar power already paid a 5 per KW fee, and the average home uses five for a $300 per year cost. The PSC raised the tax by 8% to $5.41 or $324 per year. Is everyone following? This is pennies on the dollar when it comes to energy cost. But this "Den of Thieves" will stop at nothing. I mean, how dare people try to save money by using solar energy?

The unnecessary fees Jeremy Oden, Chip Beeker, and Twinkle Cavanaugh put on the backs of the Alabama ratepayer are staggering. Chief Justice Marshall once said, "The power to tax is the power to destroy." The time is now for the citizens to take away their power and stop the destruction.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama, Political Contributor tv

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