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Is this gonna be an embarrassment

By Chris Peeks

Dear God, it just hit me. Like a knockout punch from a prize fighter, it just dawned on me the fact of who is our US senators are going to be.

Can anyone imagine two worst senators than Tommy Tuberville who reminds me of a 2a football coach who can't even spell his name and Katie Britt, a Shelby Democrat who has the office bought and paid for?

Tuberville did not even know what the 1965 Civil Rights act was. Britt has the entire establishment behind her from President Trump down to yellow hammer news otherwise known as Alabama power news.

Now don't get me wrong I was not a Mo Brooks fan. Every time he spoke I wondered where Larry and curly were at. When Britt spoke it was laughable. Is this all we've got to offer for Senate candidates in the state of Alabama?

Well, I guess there are a couple of ways to look at it. If it wasn't for Coach Tubbs Alabama never would have gotten Nick Saban and I won't miss a minute of Saturday night live because this should be some pure gold over the next few years. Once again Alabama is going to be a laughing stock with these two the worst senators in the United States.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and columnist

Alabama Pololitical Contributor

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