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Jakob Williamson House District 40 Candidate

By Chris Peeks

January 13, 2022

Meet Jakob Williamon. Jakob is a twenty-one-year-old college senior making a bid for the open House District 40 seat. He sat down with me second and had many new ideas.

I didn't give this young man a lot of softball questions. I threw him several curveballs. With a calm demeanor and boyish charm, he answered each one with the skill of a seasoned politician.

The first question I asked was about what bill he would introduce on day one. His priority is removing taxes on food. This bill, filled with populism, is sure to have support from everyone, except those filled with corruption with their hands already in the cookie jar.

When pressed about legalizing marijuana, his answer staggered me like a prizefighter in a heavyweight bout. Speaking as if he had been waiting for this question, he pounced. Seizing the moment, he gave the perfect answer. He evaded the question by saying first it had to be addressed at the "federal level." "I love it," I thought to myself.

We talked about a lot of other topics, as well. To see the full interview click on the link below. A few weeks back, a party official called me and asked, "if I took him seriously?" "Oh yeah," I replied. Everyone thought this was a joke at first, except me. Now nobody is laughing. A lot of eyes are on this race. Good luck, Jakob.

By Chris Peeks

A reporter for the Alabama Political Contributor

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