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Of the three stooges on the PSC why do they let him talk?

By Chris Peeks May 22, 2022

This article is too good. Chip Beeker, one of the three stooges at the PSC, is featured pretty well in the peace. Every time he runs his mouth it's pure comedic gold.Have y'all ever listened to this guy?

Chip Beeker said if he gets reelected his goal is "to fight the radical left agenda." Chip, buddy when did this become an issue for you? You were a Democrat your whole career. You didn't switch to the Republican party until you decided to run for the PSC despite what it says on your website about being an elected GOP member of the Greene Count Commission.

To make matters worse when most Democrats were switching to GOP in the mid-90s Chip didn't until much later on. He said, and get this, he switched to the GOP because Clinton lied. Now it doesn't bother him that Clinton cheated on his wife just that he lied about it. So none of the other things about being a Republican matter about small government low taxes strong military etc just that Clinton lied, lovely.

Chip Beeker the voters are going to make sure you go sit down somewhere. You're an embarrassment as a Republican. You're embarrassed as a PSC member and you're an embarrassment as an Alabamian for what you did to the citizens by taking food out of their mouths you Democrat in Republican clothing.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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