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Are these the strangest?

By Chris Peeks August 18, 2023

As the old saying goes, "Politics make strange bedfellows."  This curious statement is never more true than with Twinkle Cavanaugh and the Alabama Power Company. It didn't take much to see this coming. I correctly called for this event to come to fruition last year.

In 2022  I predicted that in lieu of Twinkle's 2024 re-election bid and her possible 2026 gubernatorial campaign, expect two things. One, no rate increases, and two expect her to buck AL power. These things have come to pass. Even with a gallon of gas tearing up four one-dollar bills to purchase a gallon, there has not even been a sniff at a rate increase. And now this.

In an article, Twinkle says she would not give Alabama Power permission to build the Chandler Mountain power plant. News flash, they don't need her approval. And not only that, this is a project AL Power decided to scrap a few weeks back. This political ploy is nothing more than allowing Twinkle to pound her chest, claiming she stood up to the power companies.

Now here's where the bizarre comes in. She states, “This pump storage technology that Alabama Power is exploring is just another unworkable solution being endorsed by out-of-state liberals trying to hijack our energy policy,”  So AL Power is working with out-of-state liberals to commandeer the PSC energy policies that are economically beneficial to The Southern Company by the 17% coal used to produce energy? Why would they do that?

“Alabama needs a full portfolio of energy production options, but I will never let the climate socialists import their energy fantasies from California.” So drawing from her statement, she is preventing climate Marxist from influencing the power company?

Alabama Power has said that the project could help accommodate renewable solar energy by providing power at night when solar panels don’t produce. So is she claiming Al Power is influenced by the Socialist energy agenda? Am I reading this right? And the Socialist agenda is people who are using solar power panels? By the way, what is the socialist energy agenda?

She is fighting the socialist environmental agenda by claiming she is stopping this plant while lining up with environmental groups like the Coosa Rivers  Keeper and the Alabama Rivers Alliance. The same groups Matrix tried to tie Brent Woodall, Robert McCollom, and Robin Litaker in 2020 as a liberal environmentalists.

So that you're following, she is positioning herself with in-state liberal conservation groups to fight out-of-state environmental socialist groups trying to hijack our energy policy by influencing Alabama Power to use climate socialist technology in the proposed Chandler Mountain Power plant. That is a head-scratcher. Now those politics are some strange bedfellows.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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