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Who will follow me?

By Chris Peeks August 21, 2022

The day hot and sunny, yet we were aligned in parade formation behind our fearless leader getting ready to take that position from the den of thieves inflicting the hidden tax. We followed our leader into battle leading the charge againet the lying George Soros funded liberal Democrat Jeremy Oden.

We stepped off into battle behind our leader believing we had the numbers but in the fog of war men were dropping, the colors went down. They were stronger. We got pushed back. Our fallen leader down. His Political corpse on an alter of the hidden tax. It's throne still occupied by the enablers . I felt a pain. I went down. I wanted to quit. Without our leader who would lead the attack on the hidden tax?

Like a Phenoix rising from the ashes I could feel the fire burning in my belly as I raised the flag. "Rally around the colors! Ratepayers! Ratepayers! With me who will come with? Tell them if the ratepayers I have the honor to vote with in November cannot take position all hell cannot take it.

We are going up there and we are gonna break that line and when we vote out Jeremy and Chip there's gonna be an open road to Twinkle Cavanaugh. And maybe we will win it that day. And that will be the last day of the hidden tax. I got to ride up there to the polls.

Show the PSC they can't get away this. That we are still a government of, by, and for the people. If we can't stop this this isn't the country I was born in and is certainly not the country I want to die in. Do not forget your dying King! Well ratepayers, I'll see you at the top.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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