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Whose fault is it?

When I look at this past Statewide race the only thing I can think of is Boring. I mean this is it? This is what our state has to offer and you wonder why we have the Nation's 15th largest bureaucracy? I mean the answer to this question is as plain as the nose on your face.

Now I know people who wanted to replace memaw but who did you have to replace her with?Tim James , an idiot, who makes yoga an issue In schools , fighting medical marijuana and making up a lie about a transgender School in Homewood that doesn't exist.

Then you got Lindy Blanchard who tried to buy the race by spending 15 million dollars for an office that pays $127,000 a year does that tell you anything? Don't you forget Lew Burdett who is nothing but just a Riley man? Haven't they stolen enough? The best one I like the most is probably the conspiracy theorist. Dean Odel. Hey, at least he was good enough to sit down and talk to me. A good old boy who didn't think he has to be good for anyone.

Now for the senate seat where to start. You've got that moron Mo Brooks who should be in prison for inciting a riot. Then you got Katie Britt who is a Shelby Democrat who tried to buy the office much like Blanchard and then you got Mike Durant who's the only qualification for the offices he got shot down in Somalia.

We did have some great people on the ballot, just a few, but we did have some. Unfortunately; they will always lose. as long as Alabama is continuing to elect the same RINOs who keep raising your taxes and have only their best interest in mind. If you're going to want more government spending fewer services, and more taxes, keep electing the same people. It's not the elected

Officials faults. It's the voters.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama political Contributor

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