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Why are our leaders like this?

By Chris Peeks June 22, 2023

Elected officials should be strong individuals. They should have an aura of power around them. Office holders should have a commanding presence. They should exuberate confidence that makes us respect them. That is a leader.

Unless you live in Alabama, ask one of our elected officials a complex question, and they shrink like a frightened turtle. How do they expect us to have any respect for them?

Here are just a few examples. Last year I wrote countless articles on Jeremy Oden and Chip Beeker. I called the PSC office many times, offering them a chance at rebuttal, and asked for repeated interviews. The Commissioner's time and time again declined my request.

Now for two candidates who have gubernatorial aspirations. Let's start with Twinkle Cavanaugh. On her website, she says you can call her anytime but do that and see who you talk to. More than likely, you will talk to Debbie, who I spoke to several times and who was quite lovely to me, but Twinkle would never take the phone.

Here recently, I've written two articles on Twinkle that demand an explanation, and I called offering her a chance to comment. Of course, her Highness declined, as I knew she would.

Last but certainly not least is Will Ainsworth. I have contacted the Lieutenant  Governor's office for two days asking for a comment about an interview I conducted with a citizen regarding his violation of gun laws. I have yet to receive a callback. At least the PSC office had the courtesy to respond to my inquiry. Will Ainsworth staff does not even have that type of integrity.

What are these people so afraid of? You are nothing but spineless cowards. Queen Twinkle, you can't hide in your Castle, and Daddy's boy  Papa can't bail you out.

When was the last time we had a leader unafraid to take a stand? We have got to elect officials who would not break like a piece of cheap furniture in a time of crisis. We need elected officials who have a backbone. Not the wealthy elitist we have now.

We cannot take a chance to allow one of these two to make it to the governor's mansion. One thinks she is born of royalty, and the other a spoiled rich brat. We can do better.

By Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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