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Would you want one of these two guys to have your back?

June 1, 2022

Now I never advocate violence. People should talk things out allowing cooler heads to prevail. However sometimes in a man's life, he has to stand up for himself. Sometimes push turns to shove. When that happens are you going to shove back?

Not these two. Talk about raising the white flag. Jeremy and Chip would surrender quicker than the French Army. They have never seen a rate increase they didn't like. Every time Alabama Power says raise the rates they obey. I've been calling for almost six months to try to get an interview with these two but they don't have the guts to talk to me.

I called Wednesday to ask for an official statement regarding Tuesday night's elections. After being transferred to multiple people I finally got put in touch with the man I was supposed to talk with. First of all I wondered why they had so many employees down there answering the phones. I guess to cover up the fact Jeremy ,Chip, and Twinkle are never there.

But I digress. I finally got in touch with somebody who took my information and told me somebody would get back in touch with me. If I were them I would have called me back but instead of a phone call, I got an email from another employee saying that neither one of the Commissioners wish to make a statement.

I know I've gone after these guys. But they deserved it. They've robbed everybody in Alabama and now they're hiding from their record.

I should have known they would not call me to give an official statement. I'm surprised Twinkle didn't call and give it to them since they had behind her skirt on every decision that is made. These men have no intestinal fortitude about them. I have slammed them and their not even man enough to fight back.

We need governance from our elected officials in Montgomery. Jeremy and Chip don't possess the leadership abilities to get a line of kindergarteners to follow them to the lunchroom I wouldn't follow them to go on one of their vacations paid for by the Alabama ratepayer. But I am going to follow them to the polls and vote to make sure they never take another vacation paid for with our money.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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