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Alabama GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Dean Odle

By Chris Peeks January 27, 2022

Meet Dean Odle. He is seeking the GOP nomination to be the next governor of Alabama. Dean is the only challenger to Governor Ivy that would sit down with me for an interview. My other Facebook friends, Tim James and Lindy Blanchard, ignored my request. There is a reason Lindy and Tim are polling at about 3% each.

Dean is a unique character. He is not afraid to speak his mind on topics others would remain silent. His views regarding those subjects will be fully displayed in the coming articles. Make no bones about it; he's a man conviction.

Dean is a very religious man. He felt his calling at the age of 19 and gave up an acting career. Mr. Odle has traveled worldwide preaching and has authored four books. Currently, the church he pastor's in Opelika absorbs much of his time.

Dean and I had a two-hour interview about some exciting things. I will address those in follow-up stories. Click on the link below to see the video.

By Chris Peeks Reporter and Columnist Alabama Political Contributor

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