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Who deserves a vacation?

Chris Peeks October 06, 2023

How many of you got to go on a vacation this year? How many of you wanted to go but couldn't? Better yet, how many of you have never been on a vacation? Doesn't everyone deserve a breather every now and then? Wouldn't you like to go on one? How about five or six breaks a year? Guess who does?

If you said the Public Service Commission, you'd be 100% correct. Every year, the three go on these little junkets, to like Miami, Florida, Scottsdale, Arizona, and New Orleans, all across the United States where they have these little conventions where they meet for 2 hours a day and then spend the other time living the good life.

And guess what? It's free. Well, it's not exactly free. Because there's no such thing as something free. Someone has to pay for it. Guess who does? You, the Alabama, ratepayer.

Remember when I explained to you about the hidden tax where they overcharged the citizens of Alabama on their power bill? The Hidden tax? Well, that's how it's being paid for on your dime. Every month, when you make a power bill payment, part of that goes to fund the Public Service Commission because that's where they get their funding. They get none from the general fund.

Just three years ago, they spent a half a million dollars traveling across the state of Alabama and the United States, paid for by you, the ratepayer. They are living the good life on your dollar. And you are out there busting it 5,6,7 days a week, sometimes working two jobs just to make ends meet while they're lying on the beach in Miami, Florida. Well, they're about to get hit by a tropical storm. Voters, next March, let's bury Twinkle in the sand by making sure we vote her out and put a stop to their luxurious travels paid for by you the Alabama Power ratepayer.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor


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