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The Hidden Tax

By Chris Peeks 27, 2023

Every month, Alabamaians get a power bill, and they pay it and think nothing of it. What they don't realize is they are paying a hidden tax that has been enacted on them by the Public Service Commission. Every month, people are paying more for their power bill than they're supposed to. Most people don't know what the Public Service Commission is or what they do, so let me try to explain it to you.

The Public Service Commission's job is to regulate the utility companies. That is also where they get all their funding from. Yes, that's right, they get their funding from the utility companies for the privilege of regulating them. Makes a lot of sense, right?  Well, like any business, the power company passes this on to the consumer, as in you, the ratepayer. So, everyone with a power bill is paying to fund the Public Service Commission.

What they are not telling you is they overcharge you every month, so at the end of the year, Twinkle Cavanaugh comes out and says, "She gave 10 million dollars back to the general fund." No, she didn't give it back to the general fund. She just gave it to the general fund. Because she never got any money from them to begin with.

The legislature then takes that money and builds pet projects in north Alabama that fall under the Tennessee Valley Authority and are not even under regulation by the Public Service Commission. So, 75% of the state is paying for projects they will never see any benefit from in an area that is under Federal Regulation.

At first, Twinkle tries to deny this, but when you hem her up, she will say that the legislature makes her do it. No, that's not true. There is a resolution that says the legislature can authorize, but nothing says she has to give the money to them. What should happen is the money should be given back to the utility companies to be given back to the ratepayer. But they are using it for pet projects to gain political favors.

Since Twinkle has been in office, her hidden tax has totaled almost a hundred and thirty million dollars on the people of Alabama. People, enough is enough. Come next March, let's send this den of Thieves built on a house of cards Crashing Down with the queen lying at the bottom of the deck.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor


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