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Robert McCollom shakes up 2024 election. Abandoning Probate Judge race. Instead takes on PSC Pres

By Chris Peeks September 12, 2023

Like a firebell in the night, Twinkle Cavanaugh just got a wake-up call. No longer will she just waltz into her fifth term on the Alabama Public Service Commission. This deeply entrenched career politician will face a challenge in her quest for reelection as President of the PSC.

Robert McCollom, who finished second in the runoff to Chip Beeker after a bitterly contested GOP primary battle in 2022, has announced he is withdrawing from the Tallapoosa County Probate Judge race against Tal East. Instead, he is shifting his focus to Cavanaugh in the PSC race. Believing he can better serve the citizens of Alabama on the Commission than the current PSC President, Cavanaugh, stated Mcollum "has never seen a rate increase she didn't like."

In what will be the most hotly contested battle in 2024, it can  be summed up simply as "game on." Expect AL power to doll out the dollars to the PAC to keep Cavanaugh, a Montgomery insider with the highest swamp power, in place, along with the political hit pieces from the fake news, yellow journalism, Yellow Hammer News. The state-run propaganda mouthpiece for Matrix. Bring it.

Mcollom's campaign, fuelled with a populist appeal, will take his message straight to the people in what will be a fight for the heart and soul of the Alabama Public Service Commission.

So far, McCollom and Cavanaugh are the only candidates announced for the March primary.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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