Aren't rhinos an endangered species?

By Chris Peeks February 21, 2022

In my nightly search for something to write on, I again stumbled across something that floored me. I have written repeatedly that we need to drain the swamp in Montgomery. Tonight I found out we can't. The Capitol is not a swamp. That place is a zoo filled with R.I.N.O.s.

The information I am about to give is jaw-dropping. I can make this up. I came across the ACU ratings, and there are very few Republicans in Montgomery. On the contrary, the Capitol is crammed with liberals in Republican clothing.

What is a good score? I put it at 70%. I could not believe my eyes. Only nine Republicans had a score above 70%. Heck, Andy Whitt and Brett Easterbrook had a lower score than John Rogers. Now I like John, but when Representative Rogers is more conservative than someone, they must be members of the progressive wing of the Democratic party. Andy, Brett, you should be expelled from the GOP.

I have not looked at the Senate yet. That chamber can't be worse than the house. We have to shift tactics. Instead of draining the swamp, it's time to open the gates.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

At the link below, scroll down to you see the rankings for Alabama.

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