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The Hart of Alabama

By Chris Peeks February 11, 2022

Michael Hart, one of the all-time great on-air personalities, allowed me the opportunity to interview him, and I had a blast! The "Hart of Alabama" talked with me for ninety minutes. His brand of conservative talk radio is different than others. Mr. Hart offers a more pragmatic approach

At first, glance, if no one has ever heard Michael before, they might think he is ill-tempered because of his direct style, but that is hardly the case. He's very engaging and easy to talk to. He's opinionated, but so am I. Having strong beliefs is a good thing if a person is open to new ideas. The listener can see that the "Hart of Alabama" possesses that quality when talking about hot button issues. For example, he's against gay marriage but okay with civil unions. That will go a long way in Montgomery. Finding common ground is the key to getting legislation passed.

Michael is a free thinker and will not tow the company line. He has strong convictions that guide him. An individual with principles will always do the right thing even though it may not be the popular thing.

Michael is hilarious. His humor, steeped deep in sarcasm, appeals to cynics like me. I can't wait to cover some of those committee meetings at the Capitol.

The most striking thing to me about Mr. Hart is, despite his celebrity status, he is down to earth. Michael is not an elitist. That resonates with people.

He got in this race because he felt it was the right thing to do. Michael, upon arriving at the Capitol, will return something that went missing long ago. Once again, Montgomery will have some "Hart."

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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