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Is this the kind of GOP we want? Chris Peeks July 6, 2023

The GOP is supposed to be the big tent welcoming everybody in. If you believe that I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona, I'd like to sell you. What I'm about to tell you should be appalling to every GOP member.

I interviewed a young lady named Jada Thomas-Combs, an African American female Republican. She believes in the principles of what the party stands for and the values that it promotes. But the party doesn't believe in her.

She has been Miss Republican for the past five years. She has worked on various Republican groups to try to grow the party, including the Republican minority group trying to recruit more minorities in the GOP.

But for some reason, the Talladega GOP does not want her to be a member. She has applied three times and was turned down by Sondra Epperson, Joan Reynolds, and Phillip Morris. She was giving no reason why they denied her membership despite her paying her dues. Why have you denied her? I bet I could guess.

This is appalling. A black female who believes family values is the most important thing to her has been shunned by the Talladega GOP when we should be working hard to recruit more minorities into our party. No wonder more black people don't want to join a party if they're going to be treated this way. One person though I have not confirmed the name yet, even made the statement, "We do not need their votes."

Jada has reached out to Republican leaders like Paul Reynolds, Twinkle Cavanaugh, Joan Reynolds, and John Wahl, and not one has responded. But they are going to respond to me. You can take that to the bank.

I admire Jada. She has not let this get to her. She still believes in the Republican party and is fighting for their causes. Thank you, Jada. We need more Republicans like you.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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