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Britt's campaign website is a must read.

By Chris Peeks February 9, 2022 Thinking that maybe I had been too hard on the Katie Britt campaign, I went to her website the other night to look it over. Has anybody else looked at this site? After two paragraphs of reading, I found myself chuckling in laughter. I can't make this up. Whoever wrote this must have pulled it from a web page posting generic campaign website examples, and they just plugged in her name and Alabama. The first paragraph is as bland as it gets. To paraphrase, "we need another conservative from this generation to fight for the next generation to preserve the American dream. " Blah, but the following paragraph had me rolling. Ok, are you ready for this? "I am unapologetically committed to putting Alabama first and delivering results for our state because we don’t just need a senator from Alabama; we need a Senator for Alabama." At first, it looks like someone attempted to make a good soundbite with the part of "we don't need a senator from Alabama. We need a senator for Alabama," but let's look at that a little bit closer. How did no one in her campaign catch this? I picked up on this immediately. Who is she talking about? Who else can she be talking about? Katie isn't talking about Tubberville, and she doesn't mean Sessions. So there's only one other person. She is talking about the person she is trying to replace, Richard Shelby. This is priceless. Whoever wrote this up and told her to say that has her taking a shot at her former boss, and they don't even know it! I didn't make it any further than the second paragraph. That's all I needed for a good laugh tonight and a short article. If the rest of it is half this good, I'm going to be having fun pointing this out in the next few weeks. Chris Peeks Reporter and Columnist Alabama Political Contributor

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That is hilarious.

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