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Public Service Criminals: Enemy of the State

By Chris Peeks October 31, 2022

Alot of information has been brought to the voters during the selection. We need to sum up some of the things we've learned. In order to do that we need to give a ranking to these three Enemy of the State Public Service criminals.

Enemy or the State Public Service Criminal # three is Jeremy Oden. He may not be as corrupt as the other two but his deceitful ways knows no bounds. From using state equipment in campaign ads to forging an email with the help of GOP operative Tim Whitt, the same man who did the political hit on Troy King, the Right Reverand will stop at nothing to keep his 100,000 dollar a year job. We have removed governors for less.

In private talks he makes himself out to be a tragic figure that wants to help the rate payers but with no help from Beeker he has to go along with Twinkle. Otherwise he would get "Terry Dunned." A political hit by the powers that be. No that does not make you a tragic figure. It makes you a eunuch. A Judas who betrays the State. We have all been warned to be aware of false prophets.

Enemy of the State Public Service Criminal # two is Chip Beeker. This man screams federal investigation. How this man has not been indicted is amazing in itself. He tried to lease his land to the utility companies. After getting 100,000 dollars of PPP loans forgiven he turns around and loans his campaign a 100,000 dollars. His son real estate company leaves more questions than answers and to make matters worse he is at a cattle auction every month in a state car. We have

sent governors to prison for less.

Enemy of the State Public Service Criminal # 1 Twinkle Cavanaugh. At first glance this seems like a masterful plan with Twinkle as the brains behind it but that would require giving her to much credit because she is not that smart. Just think after taking over as PSC president, Jeremy Oden gets appointed to the commission by his Ole buddy and Bob Riley's boy Robert Bentley. Then after giving Terry Dunn the ax, replacing him with the powers that be hand chosen one, Chip Beeker, the cards are all set. No more would rebates go to the rate payers it would go to the general fund where her cronies could use this on pork projects.

That brings up a really good question. Oden and Beeker seemed lost when  confronted with this. Twinkle attempted to deny it but its hard to deny when she is out front talking about the money given to the general fund. This leads one to only one conclusion. Twinkle is not even consulting the other commissioners. She is sending the money wherever she wants. Coupled with their reckless travel expenses brings more questions about the money and sends us down one path. We must call for a full audit of the Public Service Commission. Then wait to see their answer when asked "Twinkle Cavanaugh, Chip Beeker, Jeremy Oden how do you plead?"

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor


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