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Dean Odle And The Shape Of The Earth.

By Chris Peeks January 28, 2022

Dean Odle, as I stated in the first article, is not afraid to speak his mind. He relishes it. After talking about his ministry, Dean wasted no time moving right into a topic you don't hear many people discuss. Especially not a candidate for governor. The shape of the earth.

Now, first of all, I want to set the record straight. Dean does not believe the earth is flat. "Those people are crazy," Dean told me, referencing the Flat Earth society. He did catch me off guard, though, when he informed me of his opinion on the earth's shape.

Dean expressed to me that, according to the Bible, "the earth is a three-tier system." He then described that the earth is "flat with contour." He further explained that "under the earth was hell." And that the world, motionless, "sat upon pillars." According to Dean, "it does not move, it does not fly."

Now for the heavens. There are three of them. The first "is where the birds fly in our area." The second, "where the stars are attached," includes " a solid, crystalline, molten glass-like dome." Directly above that is heaven number three, where "the throne of God sits." I forgot to ask about the sun and moon.

I then inquired if the water poured off the side of the earth? "Water has to have a container," Dean enlightened me, and that comes by way of a "two hundred foot ice wall called Antarctica." According to Dean, "this is what holds the water in." I bet not many people ever entertained that concept!

Mr. Odle went on to tell me how the ocean lacks any curvature and how "NASA has lied to all of us." Dean is quite an exhilarating person, and this was just the start. Stay tuned! The upcoming articles on our interview are even more intriguing than this. Click on the link below to see the video.

Chris Peeks

Report and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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