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Did we deserve this?

By Chris Peeks November 10, 2022

Well another election has come and gone and this is like a nightmare come true. Never did I dream that this slate of elected officials would be running our state. But it's true.

Where to start analyzing it? From worst to first? Or is there a first? Well the first has

to be Young Boozer. No question. The rest you can put in a  box and shake up as far as the constitutional offices go. They all seem to have this ghoulish, morbid death watch over Governor Ivey right now.

So let's grade the governor. I've already written enough about the three Public Service Criminals. Now about memaw. She has not been a disaster. When compared to past governor's her record is good. The problem is she is just too old.

The thing that memaw had going for her in her two races when some wondered if she would even win is she provided a comfort zone for Alabama voters. With her grandmotherly image she would be there to right any wrongs. If anything bad happened memaw would have a plan.

Last but not least. We have to be the laughing stock with Tommy Tubberville and Katie Britt as our senators. I mean really?

Well Alabama voters you deserve what you get. As the old saying goes " you broke it you bought it." The problem is no one is ever there to clean up the mess and you will be picking up the tab.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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Sherry Gros
Sherry Gros
Nov 11, 2022

It seems like people are too lazy to spend a day to research the candidates. It was a straight ticket election that's for sure. It's too bad because there were some good democrats and some good Libertarians that I voted for.

Herb Neu
Herb Neu
Nov 11, 2022
Replying to

As did I.

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