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Do you have faith in them?

By Chris Peeks June 11, 2022

I remember as a kid a television show I watched every week about politics. It centered around a member of the Senate if I recall but it had the best opening song. The last two sentences said, "and everything is all right that's what they tell me and I got faith in the powers that be." I got faith they're all foxes in the hen house. What a difference 4 years makes. In 2018 Will Ainsworth blasted Twinkle Cavanaugh calling her a big swamp star. Fast forward to this election he's endorsing the two other swamp Stars. One has to ask himself why? It doesn't take a genius to figure out why the person who presides over the Senate is endorsing two incumbents over their challengers. Then low and behold Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon comes out and endorses the two incumbents. Why would the Speaker of the House of Representatives indoors to candidates against incumbents in a Republican runoff? As previously stated it doesn't take a genius. They are desperate. They know their chosen candidates are in trouble. They're doing everything they can to fool the voters into electing these two back into their den of thieves. Does anyone ever remember

two elected officials coming out and endorsing two challengers in a Republican runoff? I don't but I think I know why. Follow the money. Chris Peeks Reporter and Columnist Alabama Political Contributor

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