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Everybody plays the fool, sometimes. Unless you live in Alabama and you always play the fool.

By Christopher Peeks March 05,2024

As the old adage goes you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can never fool all the people all the time. That is unless those people live in Alabama. I can't tell if the average Alabama voter is that much of a fool or they're just plain stupid.

After watching Enemy of the State Public Service Criminal # 1 get re-elected I'm convinced that in order for someone to be able to vote they must pass a reading comprehension and literacy test.

Queen Twinkle has sat high on her thrown since 2012 after securing victory in her race for President of the PSC. Since that time she has robbed the few pennies the peasants have managed to scrape up with one rate increase after another. She is a mere puppet for the utility companies granting them each rate hike they request.

She has kept over 130 million plus dollars through the "Hidden Tax." Using these funds to travel across the U.S. rent out resort's bringing in live entertainment paying for millions in bonus's for Alabama Power executives.

Even though she claims to be fighting the "Woke"agenda she is actually complicit in the movement because Alabama Power is spending millions of dollars of your money training their employees in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

You know the new human resources program that some white kid gets a degree in who went to an all white prep School followed by attending a nearly all white private college. And then comes back and tries to teach people how to be politically correct and not say anything offensive. And I thought the Alabama Power was supposed to be conservative. So much for Twinkle fighting the Biden agenda and being a Christian conservative.

It just sickens me. I thought after four rate increases in 2022 that seen the average Alabama households power bill go up an average of # 257 dollars people would have woke up. But they put her right back in there. Second verse same as the first. This isn't over. Oh no. Not by a long shpot.

I may have lost this battle but I

have not fought my last fight. I may get knocked down repeatedly but each time I go to the ground best believe I'm getting

up and coming back after you harder than ever. This race is over but the 2026 race starts tomorrow .So buckle up butter cup I will be coming after you everyday for the next two years.. As long as there is breath jn my body I will continue to wage this war on the injustice handed down to the ratepayer. The only way I am going to end this fight is when they carry me out in a pine box.

Christopher Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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And I will fight with you. Doesn't she know dei is illegal in Alabama? I don't think most people even try to educate themselves on Alabama politicians. Which makes me sick. Yesterday was disgusting because local politicians ran as Dems. Another thing that disgust me. Why would you want to be in the same category as the communist dnc. I will keep sharing your news. Hopefully we can reach some of those actually seeking the best person for the job.

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