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Why have they never learned their job description?

Some endorsements are great to have. Some are terrible. Most don't make any difference at all. Then some are just eyebrow-raising.

One in particular caught my attention. Don't spit out your tea laughing at what George Clark, President of Manufacture Alabama said while endorsing Beeker and Oden. He said “Both Commissioner Beeker and Commissioner Oden have contributed to an unprecedented period of stable governance and certainty at the Public Service Commission while at the same time the consumer has not seen dramatic rate increases which is very positive to business, industry, and the average household." Wait, what? We have the second-highest rates in the nation thanks to Twinkle, Beeker, and Oden.

Beeker responded to the news of the endorsement with his usual rambling, incoherent statements. “I’m honored to receive the endorsement from Manufacture Alabama,” said Commissioner Chip Beeker. “Being in business for myself most of my working life, I know how important low rates and dependable energy are to keep a business profitable and successful. During my time in office, I have always been proud of the industry Alabama attracts and I owe that to having organizations such as Manufacture Alabama who are proactive and focused on the betterment of our state. New industry equals more jobs and more jobs lead to a booming economy. I am excited to continue the work to bring in more industry to our state and keeping energy rates affordable and dependable.”

You owned catfish farms. How much electricity does that require? My favorite is "more jobs lead to a booming economy." Oh really? Tell us more Mr. Economics. By the way he has nothing to do with job creation.

'Totin' said I will continue to defend them from government overreach and shoot down the radical Green New Deal agenda. Thank you to Manufacture Alabama for its strong support and for what they do to support the growth of good-paying, 21st- century jobs in every corner of our great state.” You just contradicted yourself because 21 first century jobs will not be coal jobs. They will be in the technology sector most likely. And you will have nothing to do with that serving on the Public Service Commission. Also, do you have anything to do with the new green deal? No, you don't.

How did these guys ever get this position? They don't know their job and haven't learned anything in over two terms. Their job is to regulate the utility companies. That's it. All they know to do is raise your rates. Next Tuesday let's be "honored" to throw the bums out.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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