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He never thought what he did in darkness would come to light. Will he admit his sin?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

By Chris Peeks June 03, 2022

I love forensic files. Forensics is an exact science. Criminals always think they can beat the evidence but no matter how hard they try the truth is always revealed.

The scriptures say the truth shall set you free. This verse applies to someone in the PSC race. So I'm about to tell the voters the truth and then set him free.

In a desperate attempt to disqualify Brent Woodall from the PSC race a false email started circulating that accused him of violating state campaign finance laws. The Bible warns you to beware of false prophets and no false prophet is bigger than preacher man.

Computer forensics show Jeremy Oden created this false document and his campaign manager, Montgomery GOP executive committee member Tim Witt modified it. Yes, the Right Reverend Jeremy Oden shattered the ten commandments worse than Moses himself. God in heaven looked down as the preacher who is supposed to spread God's word sinned, baring false witness against his neighbor and lied to the entire state while preaching the gospel from the pulpit on Sundays.

Reverend Oden, how can you look your congregation in the eye? How can the flock follow the shepherd so full of deceit? I will not judge for I shall be judged also nor will I cast the first stone. I'll let the voters do that when they crucify you. Jeremy Oden, I told the voters the truth and now the electorate is gonna set you free.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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