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House District 40 Preview

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

By Chris Peeks January 08, 2022

House District 40 is a race I will keep a close eye on this spring after having the pleasure of getting to

interview two of the candidates. Julie Borrelli and Jakob Williamson both did a taped interview with me. I have reached out to their other

opponents, but I’ve not yet received a reply.

Julie sat down with me first. She had a solid background as a retired Marine Corps Officer and a lawyer.

Married, with sons, Julie knows how to get things done.

Jakob sat down with me next. This young man generates a lot of enthusiasm because he is only 21. What he may lack in the wisdom that comes with maturity, he makes up for in his youthful zest.

Stay tuned. I will be releasing summaries highlighting the two candidates in the coming days.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and columnist for Alabama Political Contributor

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