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Part one of a series of articles on House District 38 candidate Micah Messer

Chris Peeks January 07, 2022

When I first began this new Odyssey last Summer, Micah Messer, candidate for House District 38, didn't hesitate to allow me to interview him. He became the first person actively seeking political office I had ever interviewed.

We talked for almost an hour and a half, covering in-depth discussions on numerous topics. His answers made sense. He had no prior knowledge of the questions I planned to ask yet answered each one in detail as if he had studied them for days. To fully explain his views would be impossible to do in one article. So instead, this is the first in a series.

Micah, very polite, yet firm answered each question in a commanding style that illustrated his confidence with each answer. His military and law enforcement background on full display, Micah never hesitated when I asked him some tough questions. From the start, he gave the answers he thought were best instead of what people wanted to hear.

One of the questions I've asked many people is why anything can get done in Montgomery with a Republican trifecta holding all government bodies. Micah, without fear of repercussion, didn't flinch. "Corruption and incompetence," he replied with a voice of conviction. To this day, in all my interviews, I've yet to encounter another politician bold enough to say that.

When I asked him about the gas tax, Micah brazenly blasted the legislature for recklessly spending taxpayer's dollars on useless projects with important-sounding names. Instead of properly allocating state finances, the legislature is wasting funds on things like The Obesity Task Force, whatever that is, along with the Scrap Tire Commission. I pondered The Obesity Task Force mission and what they discussed during the Scrap Tire Commission meetings. Montgomery is squandering our tax dollars after they just passed the largest budget in the state's history.

Alabama has one of the most enormous bureaucracies in the nation, ranking 15th out of the 50 States. Yet, in many categories, Alabama comes in at 52nd below even our territories. Instead of "trimming the fat," to quote Micah, they chose to raise gas taxes to pay for the state's crumbling infrastructure. By the way, District 38 Representative Debbie Wood, after being in office for only four weeks, voted for this tax hike. After repeated attempts to reach out to Representative Wood for comment as of today, I still have received no reply.

This is part one in a series of my interview with Micah Messer. To hear the full interview follow the link below


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