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How is Chip not under invstigation

By Chris Peeks August 31, 2022

So there is another member on the PSC that has a libertarian opponent. I haven't said to much about him lately. He can be summed up in one word: corruption.

This man is one of the most corrupt in Montgomery. He tried to lease his land out to Alabama power that would have paid him 5 million over 25 years. At one time his son evev worked for al power.

It gets better. He goes to a cattle auction every Tuesday in a state car and he never goes to work.

Now are you ready for the icing on top? He got a 100k in PPP loan forgiveness and the next week loaned it to his campaign. But ready for the kicker? He is now trying to raise money to get back the free money he got from the government to loan his campaign. 

This is unbelievable. Throw the bum out. How is this man not in federal prison?  LOCK HIM UP!

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor


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