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Isn't enough enough?

By Chris Peeks August 11, 2022

The time is now. No more fighting the Obama, Biden, Clinton, and whoever else liberal agenda. They're just using scare tactics to make you believe that these servants are on your side when they're anything but. The Alabama Public Service Commission are not public servants.

They answer to no one and it's high time they did. Well, they answer to Alabama power where they get their funding from. Do you think they are really going to tell them no being that they not only get their funding but they also get their campaign donations from them?

It's time for the legislature to step in and have them answer to the governor or some kind of committee on why they always approve a rate increase that goes above and beyond what they actually need. These three corrupt swamp Stars running this den of thieves claim to be the most conservative PSC in the nation. That's a lie. This is not about liberalism or conservativism. This is about doing what's right for both the ratepayer and Alabama power.

They showed you their disregard for the Alabama voters when they raised your rates three days after the election. I will not forget that come November and I hope you won't either. Send them a message.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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