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Life's Lessons

By Chris Peeks February 10, 2034

A while back I wrote an article

about a speech Chris horn made. When he read it he called me and to say the least he was hopping mad. We stayed on the phone for about two hours. At the end of the call he asked me to come on his show. I agreed. I printed it so I had to be man enough to own it. You see Chris had another version of his speech and perhaps I made a rush to judgment and should have investigated it further before I printed it but what was done was done.

The next day his producer called to put me on the air and the events that unfolded next left me dumbfounded. You see I expected to be walking right into an ambush. I thought Chris was going to set the narrative and tear into me So I made sure my head was clear and I was prepared to weather the storm. But the storm never came

Chris introduced me as a new journalist and started asking my opinion on matters. I quickly became aware that this was not an ambush. He treated me as an equal. He never mentioned the article. That spoke volumes.

He did not attack me. He promoted me. He showed his character is larger than he is and I gained a higher level of respect for the man than you can imagine.

Now some people may not like Chris. And that's fine. Their are plenty that don't like me. And you don't have to like him. But you must respect him.

Chris taught me some valuable lessons that day . The first was to take a deep breath and pause before running with a story and to make sure I think it all the way through. And second when staring into the face of adversity be the bigger person and your star will out shine others. And Mr. Horn for this I thank you for giving me some life lessons.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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Chris Peeks
Chris Peeks
Feb 11

Thank You. I think it's good it actuality happened because we have become closer friends because of it


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent I have been praying about this as I count both of you as friends with a similar passion for integrity, excellence and honesty in public service and servants.

Press On .

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