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Litaker lights it up in straw poll. Taking 53% to Beeker's 23%

April 20, 2022

By Chris Peeks

There is an old saying that all politics is local. A truer statement has never been spoken. When examining this declaration there are two ways to look at it. Local as in regional races or the local voters. What is the difference one might ask?

Well, one is obvious. People always tune in to a hotly contested sheriff or commissioner's race. These elections divide family and friends. These are the type that fire up locals. Voters go to the party meetings, the state fair, and the nearby Jack's in the morning to hear the candidates or listen to what their supporters have to say. But then there's another type of "local."

I'm reminded of Senator Jeremiah Denton who lost his re-election bid in 1986 making a statement about "he didn't have time to come home and kiss babies" or something to that affect him. Then another race comes to mind. One with much more importance. A man that seemed destined for the presidency lost his way. Al Gore didn't lose the 2000 election because of Florida. He lost it because of Tennessee. All he needed to do was carry his home state. He even said as much when conceding the race "about going home to mend fences."

This brings me to this. Chip Beeker is running a race like a confident politician dismissing his opponent. While Liteaker is like the tortoise and the hare. Keeping her eye on the prize. Beeker is not making any campaign appearances and the Alabama voters are noticing it.

Beeker by ignoring Liteaker and not going to the local meetings is taking the electorate for granted. He is ignoring them. Alabama voters do not like to be ignored. On Election Day don't be shocked when the voters ignore him and like the old fable, the tortoise outpaces the hare.

Chris Peeks

Columnist and Reporter

Alabama Political Contributor

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