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Out with the old in with the Neu?

By Chris Peeks July 25, 2022

I had a chat with Herb Neu a while back but unlike his name, he's not really new. He has been around for a bit and has many life experiences to share as he gears up for his state house bid out of Marshall county. I hope the voters get a chance to meet him. He is a fireball.

Kind of a curmudgeon, he is nevertheless quite the character. Born in Indiana, and raised in Milwaukee he made his way to Alabama. A Vietnam-era vet serving as a K-9 handler, two-time cancer survivor, and journalist, Herb has led quite the life.

Herb is also a socialist. I know he said he doesn't like titles but it is what it is. Now don't tell Herb I told you that or he might snarl at you as he did on air with me. (I'm having trouble downloading Skype videos). All in good fun. Getting your dander up is good when you're impassioned about something.

Now Herb probably will not win this seat. I mean he didn't even know the first piece of legislation he planned to introduce. Heck, if I went into all his views it might get him killed in Marshall county but at least he is running. As Rush Limbaugh once said, " no one should ever run unopposed."

So welcome Herb Neu to the political arena at an age when most have gotten out. He may be new to the game but he is an old-school player. I enjoyed my chat with Mr. Neu. Plus, I made a new friend.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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