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Representative Debbie Wood

By Chris Peeks January 28, 2022 Representative Debbie Wood, elected as a Republican in 2018, serves House District 38. Don't be fooled by the R beside her name. A Republican she is not, more like a liberal in conservative clothing. To call her a RINO is a slap in the face to moderate Republicans. Make no bones about it she is a Democrat. When one examines Representative Wood's voting record, it doesn't take long to realize her actual values. She is not a conservative. Her lifetime rating with the ACU is an abysmal 58.06, and to make matters worse, since 2020, her rating has dropped to 50. Some people get more conservative as they get older. She gets more liberal. Just look at some of the bills she has voted for. She supported HB 45-Imposing New Licensing Mandates and Fees on the Artificial Eye Brown Industry. The passage of this bill slapped small business owners with an initial $250 license fee plus a $200 a year tax to operate, and that's not all the bills she has supported that have hurt taxpayers. Representative Wood also voted for HB 66. This bill allows localities to establish monetary authorities that can issue bonds. These vouchers indebt taxpayers for years. HB 167 is another tax increase Debbie Wood voted in favor of. In this bill, the state social work examiner's board can put undetermined fees on social workers. How anyone could support this bill is amazing, yet she did. These three bills are just the tip of the iceberg. I requested an interview with Representative Wood, but as of today, I have received no reply. I also contacted her and the Lee County GOP chair and offered to moderate a debate between her and Micah Messer, but those also fell on deaf ears. Perhaps she will respond to this. Representative Wood, why have you voted so many times to raise taxes? By Chris Peek Reporter and columnist Alabama Political Contributor Click on the link below to learn more about Rep. Wood and her votes.

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