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Robert Mccollum announces candidacy for Tallapoosa County Probate Judge

By Chris Peeks July 25, 2023

Robert McCollum, who previously ran for the Public Service Commission in 2022, has officially announced his candidacy for probate judge of Tallapoosa County.

"A lifelong resident of Tallapoosa County, "he wants to represent the citizens in a way that will make them proud," McCollum, a businessman understands the burden that high taxes put on everyday citizens. That's why his main focus will be to work with the County Commission to lower the taxes on car tags "and put money back in people's pockets.'

He promises "to be a watchman over wasteful spending of your taxpayer's dollars in Tallapoosa County." Along with this, ensuring election. Integrity is at the of his goals. McCollum will be challenging incumbent Talmadge East in the GOP primary.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist.

Alabama Political Contributor

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