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Sean Ross did not think his statement through when he made this bizarre utterance.

By Chris Peeks February 5, 2022

Kay Ivey drawing so many inner-party challengers has been head-scratching to me. In searching for polls the other night in the governor's race, I stumbled across something even more puzzling that caught my eye, but this is not in the gubernatorial contest. It's in the fight to see who the next junior senator from Alabama will be.

What caught me completely off guard is a statement made by Sean Ross after Katie Britt won the straw poll of the young Republicans back in December. Now before I get into what he said, I first want to layout a little bit of background info on Katie because his announcement got the hamster wheels turning inside my head, and I wanted to find out more about her. So I looked it up.

Katie is very impressive. She became Shelby's press secretary at a very young age and then went out and became a corporate lawyer. Ms. Britt rejoined his staff in 2015 as his communications director and later became chief of staff. In 2018 she left again to work for the business council, and now she has his campaign war chest to run for the Senate. So Katie is very familiar with DC and is a close associate to the long-time senator.

Now here's where the statement caught me flat-footed. More often than not, I don't pull for Mo Brooks. Usually, when I see him speaking, I wonder where Larry and Curly are. Especially when you think about some of his statements in the past about rocks falling in the ocean causing water levels to rise, and let's not forget him saying, "let's go down there and kick some ass," that notwithstanding.; I've got to stick up for him on Ross's strange assertion.

After winning the young Republican caucus, Sean Ross made this statement here. "Meanwhile, her opponent is the Joe Biden of Alabama: 40 years running for office, six terms in Congress, and nothing to show for it but empty words and more money in his pocket. It is clear that Alabamians are ready for fresh blood to shake things up." Now read that carefully. What is wrong with that statement?

For starters, hypocrisy knows no bounds when looking at Katie's work history with Senator Shelby. He said, "40 years running for office." Well, Shelby 50. Mo "six terms in Congress." Pot meet kettle—Senator Shelby's in his sixth term in the Senate after serving four times in the House. And now for the big question, how is Katie "fresh blood" when she is in the inner circle of a Senator who has been in Washington for forty-four years? She isn't.

She's part of the same Washington establishment. Mr. Ross, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

Mr. Ross declined to comment

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Sam Parker
Sam Parker
Feb 06, 2022

No he did not.

Chris Peeks
Chris Peeks
Feb 06, 2022
Replying to

No I don't think so either but he did contact me back and offered a rebuttal. Which I posted. I want to be fair.

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