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Thanks Robin

By Chris Peeks August 19,2022

I need to pay homage to one person who kept the faith and foughlt the good fight. Dr liteker traveledl the highways and made inroads. She went to meetings. She met party bosses. She campaigned hard in three races she built up to win this one and then Alabama power news better known as yellow hammer fake news or yellow journalism staff writer Dylan Smith wrote hit pieces on her candidacy. What a Shame.

She told me it would happen and it did his fake news articles sunk her They might be able to take away her PSC seat. The one thing that can't exactly why is her tenacious zeal she is a fighter she was a principal and took on Paul Hubbard we need people like her.

Dr liteker I don't know if you have any more political runs in yonu but the party needs you your like a pitbull pulling at the lead to go straight into the fight. Thank you.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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