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An injustice?

By Chris Peeks July 17, 2023

I would love to pick up a history book written 200 years from now and read about the Donald Trump years to see how he is judged. Something tells me the verdict will not be as damning as his detractors want. Perception is not reality.

For starters, there is nothing to compare Trump to.  A billionaire, reality star, real estate mogul, and celebrity that became president. A figure that on one side has a rabid cult following that sees him as a deity and the other that think he is the Antichrist? Now ask yourself this, why?

Do you want to shut 90% of the people up on both sides? Ask your average Trump supporter to articulate one of his policies they loved, and you might as well be speaking Latin to them. You would get about the same answer. Then ask a Trump hater why they despise the man so much and watch the Dead Pan stare. You get. It's like a mic drop. They don't know why they hate Donald Trump. It's just they have been conditioned to think that way.

It's funny how people forget. I remember growing up in the '80s, and everybody wanted to be Donald Trump. This guy owned a football team, casinos, an airline, and ran the Miss Universe contest. He had a board game named after him. He appeared in countless movies and TV shows with Cameo appearances. And he pretty much ran this lifestyle for 50 years. He was a king. He was a brand. Everybody loved him.

Then something funny happened along the way. He decided to run for president, and overnight, that changed. Suddenly he became a villain being investigated for every crime in history dating back to the crucifixion.

Now I'm not here to condemn or condone Trump. You can decide about that, but there is something very troubling about this. Whether you like it or not, the fact of the matter is the entire judicial system has been weaponized against him.

I'm not here to play What about Isms, but I must. Let's just be honest. This Trump investigation has been a grotesque Witch Hunt since he first announced his candidacy for president, and your whole case comes down to who paid off the hooker.

Please think about something for a moment and logically walk yourself through this. Do you believe he funneled $150,000 of stolen campaign money through his attorney to pay off Stormy Daniels? Really? Why would a man worth over 4 billion dollars have to steal what would be pocket change to pay off a stripper? Where do you even arrive at that number at?

How many of you have heard some of Michael Cohen's claims? If that man told me the sun rose in the East and set in the West, I would call him a liar. He talked about him and Trump riding through inner-city Chicago and Trump making racist comments. Do you imagine on what planet Donald Trump would be joyriding through an urban neighborhood? Oh, by the way, no one ever called Trump a racist until he sought the presidency.

Witchhunt does not even begin to describe this. It mirrors the Clinton Witch Hunt of the '90s. Sorry conservatives, but yes, that was a Witch Hunt too. And for the same reason. You see, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump's elections had the same thing in common. They were never supposed to win. They were not part of the political establishment. Hence the persecutions

I still can't believe they will go through with this three-ring circus trial of Donald Trump. Can you imagine the scandalous tabloid sensationalist stories that will come out about the Trump sexual escapades? We are going to be the laughingstock of the world.

Is Trump guilty? Well, probably if you're going by the letter of the law. Should Donald Trump be put in prison for something like this? Again I hate what about isms. I'm just thinking a few things, like Reagan never even got questioned about Iran Contra after leaving office. Clinton admitted perjuring himself, and he didn't get charged. Seriously if we investigated all of our elected officials, we wouldn't have any because they would all be in federal prison

The Donald Trump haters have embarked this country on a dangerous path of which there is now a point of no return. I can assure you that prosecutors are chomping at the bit, waiting for Biden to leave office so they can retaliate against the Trump indictments—a quid pro quo of using Criminal investigations against your opponents.

If January 6th unnerved people, what do you think the opening day of jury selection in a Tr.ump trial would look like? But here we are. We have opened Pandora's Box, and once it's open, we can never put the lid back on. Our Republic will never be the same again. Love or hate Trump, a grave error has been made that our country will long regret. We broke it; we bought it

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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kevin brown
kevin brown
Aug 09, 2023

For god's sake, he tried to overturn the results of a valid election. He tried to overthrow the government because of his own ego. If you cannot see the danger and the wrongfulness of those actions, then I don't know what we can do for you.

Also, I have never known anyone who cannot articulate why they hate Trump, his evil and horrid actions are obvious so this "dead pan stare" you speak of seems to be largely in your own imagination.

No, you ARE defending Trump.

Chris Peeks
Chris Peeks
Aug 10, 2023
Replying to

No I am defending him at all. Re-read this.


I can name many, many things DJT done during his presidency that were great for our Country! Nobody talks about how he funded Jessie Jackson's campaign or how a black female homeless squatter has been living in Trump towers for 10 years rent free, three meals a day, full room service, free laundry service and room cleaned daily per Trump! When they brought the issue up to him, he went and met the lady and told her "the room is yours as long as you need it". Does that sound like a racist man? No, it doesn't and the left needs to just stop and leave him alone! I will be in West Palm when his trial starts AND I…


Unknown member
Jul 19, 2023

His not actually who we think he is

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