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Where in the world is Chip Beeker?

April 24, 2022

By Chris Peeks

When thinking of this candidate I'm reminded of a childhood TV show. I'm sure everyone remembers the program as well. The beat was unforgettable, I can still hear her loud and clear. So then I have to ask, "Where in the world is Chip Beeker?"

Seriously, where is this guy? Talk about missing in action. The last appearance I know of occured in December. So why is he not going to the party meetings and campaigning?

Well, the reason could be a combination of factors. One is he does not want to face the voters and answer questions about the hidden tax. Not to mention ethics inquiries. Another reason may be that he is so arrogant he thinks he doesn't have to campaign. That the voters of Alabama will just re-elect him. That irks me.

Who does he think he is? I hope that voters are paying attention to his avoiding campaign appearances. The voters deserve to hear from their candidates, especially the incumbents.

Election day is coming upon us. When you go to the polls go to the public service commission races first and "send them a message." Then we will no longer have to ask "Where in the world is Chip Beeker?" We already know. He's back in Greene county.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor 0

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