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Who would have thunk it?

By Chris Peeks May, 2022

Yes sir you had to be there to believe it. I would not have believed it myself if I had not seen it with my own two eyes. This will go down as one for the ages.

Like a fire bell in the night "Boy Wonder" Robert McCollum sent shock waves though the powers at be at the public service commission. On Tuesday he pulled a stunner almost KO'ing the George Soros funded liberal Democrat Chip Beeker.

Houston we have a problem. Almost 57% of the electorate voted against Chip Beeker. The voters sent a message. Loud and clear. They are tired of being stolen from by their government.

McCollum, expecting to get only around 5% of the vote according to some of my sources, pulled one of the biggest upsets in Alabama history capturing 38% of the vote. Everybody thought he was joke at first, now know body is laughing.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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