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Why hasn't anyone told Oden?

April 25, 2022.

By Chris Peeks

I'm reminded of Admiral James Stockdale during the 1992 vice presidential debate every time Jeremy Oden stands up to speak. Has anyone heard this? If you recall Stockdale asked "Who am I? Why am I here?" Oden states, "My name is Jeremy Oden. Yes, Jeremy Oden. Jeremy Oden is my name." Which brings me to my first question?

Has he listened to himself? Hitler is said to have spent hours practicing in front of a mirror. No way Oden spent any time practicing this. Why one might ask? He would know how stupid he sounds. If he only knew the reaction of the audience. They all agree he sounds stupid. This brings me to my next questions.

Doesn't Jeremy have a political consultant? Who is it? Have they not heard this? If so why haven't they stopped it? Has to be no. An advisor would stop him from using this to start his speeches because he sounds so stupid. This leads me to my next set of questions.

I know he has family and friends. Why haven't they told him? They must not go to hear him speak. They would tell him to change his opening in a nice way that conveys how stupid he sounds.

To summarize why has no one reported this to him? If so why is he continuing to use it? Oden reminds me of the adage about remaining silent and looking foolish instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt. The answers are no. Otherwise, that part of his speech would disappear, because he sounds so stupid. Unless.....

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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